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"A Family Event for Young and Old Alike!"
47th annual Vail 'King of the Mountain' Open - Father's Day Weekend - June 14-16, 2019

Vail "King of the Mountain Open" Results
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2018 King of the Mountain Finishers

1.  Skylar del Sol (Parker, CO)/Mike Boag (Orange County, CA)

2.  Nate Yang (Hermosa Beach, CA)/Lars Basey (Lyons, CO)

3.  Patrico Grant (Hollywood, FL)/Scott Gerlach (Denver, CO)

3.  Cody Kessel (Colorado Springs, CO)/David Smith (Lakewood, CO)

1.  Katie Pyles (Denver, CO)/Cassie House (Albuquerque, NM)

2.  Mallory Deneen (Denver, CO)/Tracy Insalaco (Westminster, CO)

3.  Katarzyna Kowerska (Denver, CO)/Lena Sokolowski (Greeley, CO)

3.  Kris Bredehoft (Denver, CO)/Traci Stalls (Colorado Springs, CO)

1.  John Basey (Lyons, CO)/Tom Schmidt (Colorado Springs, CO)

2.  Keith Peitrasiewicz (Boulder, CO)/Chad Scates (Denver, CO)

1.  Justin Livesay (San Diego, CA)/David Smith (Lakewood, CO)

2.  Brad Johnson (Denver, CO)/Michael Aschenbeck (Westminster, CO)

1.  Megan Barkman Law (Denver, CO)/Heather Lorince Herrington (Denver, CO)

2.  Tanya Bond (Denver, CO)/Pamela McCann (Brighton, CO)



1.  Victor Villar (Denver, CO)/Jamie Estrella (Denver, CO)

2.  Jon McLemore (Denver, CO)/Carlos Valenzuela (Westminster, CO)

1.  Elysse Richardon (Colorado Springs, CO)/Kelsey English (Colorado Springs, CO)

2.  Calla Urban (Ft. Collins, CO)/Sarah Kosbab (Colorado Springs, CO)

1.  Michael Miller (Montrose, CO)/Tyler Johnston (Grand Junction, CO)

2.  Bryan Rascon (Denver, CO)/Geo Garfio (Denver, CO)

Tied for 1st Place *:

Christine Anyard (Denver, CO)/Stepanie Rothman (Denver, CO)
Kendall Gaffney (Ft. Collins, CO)/Natasha Ray (Denver, CO)

1.  Tony Vo (Denver, CO)/Carlos Lopez (Denver, CO)

2.  Katrsten Guth (Long Beach, CA)/Ryan Huels (Salt Lake City, UT)

1.  Abigail Hildenbrand (Parker, CO)/Grace Hildenbrand (Parker, CO)

2.  Johnna Bambrey (Bailey, CO)/Lisa Wainio (Bailey, CO)

1.  Eric Bowcock (San Diego, CA)/Eric Hoodley (San Diego, CA)

1.  Leanne Wukovits (Denver, CO)/Katie McKiel (Colorado Springs, CO)


1.  Devin Vuong (Denver, CO)/Sean Davies (Denver, CO)

1.  Tara Stilwell (Denver, CO)/Madi Busler (Denver, CO)

1.  Nick Huels (Bailey, CO)/Cory Borst (Bailey, CO)

1.  Mollee Chenoweth (Highlands Ranch, CO)/Jadie DeLange (Monument, CO)

1.  Sara Martin (Boulder, CO)/Louis Basey (Lyons, CO)

2.  Kirstin Cho (Denver, CO)/Brandon Haley (Denver, CO)

1.  Amy Herron (Denver, CO)/Andy Lloyd (Denver, CO)

2.  Rylie Patterson (Castle Rock, CO)/Finn Basey (Lyons, CO)

1.  Abigail Hildenbrand (Parker, CO)/Ryan Smith (Parker, CO)

2.  Paula Loucks (Grand Junction, CO)/Jason Ahrens (Grand Junction, CO)


1.  Tye Wedhorn (Glenwood Springs, CO)/Kristin Luce (Meeker, CO)

2.  Delaney St. Pierre (Colorado Springs, CO)/Jaelyn Hershberger (Colorado Springs, CO)


1.  Ximena Marquez (Denver, Co)/Nora Fingulen (Parker, CO)

2.  Did not check-in.

1.  Anneliese Williamson Thomas (Commerce City, CO)/Maggie Olson (Erie, CO)

2.  Emily Katzen (Parker, CO)/Kenzi McSpadden (Parker,CO)

1.  Ella Essenpreis (Arvada, CO)/Janelle Folks (Golden, CO)

2.  Katrina Dering (Franktown, CO)/Rya Fingerlin (Parker, CO)

1.  Rue & Kyla Green (Elizabeth, CO)

2.  Andrew & Kyra Parker (Colorado Springs, CO)

1.  Lane & Haley Maver (Denver, CO)

2.  Daniel & Nora Fingelin (Parker, CO)

1.  Jim & Emily Katzen (Parker, CO)

2.  Dave & Jayden Ponsford (Aurora, CO)

1.  Chris & Hailey Rodgers (Denver, CO)

2.  Damond & Janelle Folks (Golden, CO)


1.  Gustavo & Jaime Orona (Vail, CO)

2.  Bill & Jayden Pascua (Castle Rock, CO)

1.  Scott & Ryan Smith (Parker, CO)

2.  Jack & Curtis Clark (Golden, CO)

1.  Ryan & Reece Lindstrom (Parker, CO)

2.  Rick Swan & Keanu Calar (Colorado Springs, CO)

1.  Jackson & Anthony Weber (Colorado Springs, CO)

2.  Griffin Gulletz (Denver, CO) & Cruze Kamena (Ensenada, Mexico)


* Competition canceled due to rain and chance of lightning. Women's BB elected to "tie". Special Father's Day Divisions finished pool play; but, did not start playoff brackets -- Division winners decided by best record in pool play.




2017 King of the Mountain Finishers


Men’s Open
1.  Skylar Del Sol (Lonetree, CO)/Piotr Marciniak (Pompano Beach, FL)
2.  Miles Evan (Santa Barbara, CA)/Bill Kolinske (Redondo Beach, CA)
3.  Michael Aschenbeck (Westminster, CO)/Jonathan Lambert (Albuquerque, NM)
3.  Nate Yang (Hermosa Beach, CA)/Lars Basey (Lyons, CO)

Women’s Open
1.  Cassie House (Rio Rancho, NM)/Devanne Sours (Crossroads, NM)
2.  Nola Basey (Lyons, CO)/Aurora Santos (Frisco, CO)
3.  Liz Card (Denver, CO)/Katie Pyles (Denver, CO)

Men’s A
1.  Chad Koenegstein (Colorado Springs, CO)/Bruno Chateau (Paris, France)
2.  Ricardo Sanchez (Santa Fe, NM)/Victor Villar (Denver, CO)

Women’s A
1.  Reagan Folaron (Colorado Springs, CO)/Mackenzie Swan (Colorado Springs, CO)
2.  Ashley Haga (Boulder, CO)/Sara Martin (Denver, CO)


Men’s BB
1.  Fernando Estrella (Mexico)/Darci Olave (Mexico)
2.  Brendan Ledwith (Colorado Springs, CO)/Michael Hughes (Colorado Springs, CO)

Women’s BB
1.  Cassie Pyles (Highlands Ranch, CO)/Kaylee Megia (Highlands Ranch, CO)
2.  Emma Porter (Colorado Springs, CO)/Ashley Pagan (Colorado Springs, CO)

Men’s B
1.  Ralph Bogenschutz (Denver, CO)/Chris Otero (Denver, CO)
2.  Aaron Pina (Fort Collins, CO)/Brandon Hylton (Denver, CO)

Women’s B
1.  Sarah Stevelinck (Lyons, CO)/Kylen Christiansen (Lyons, CO)
2.  Serena Clendenning (Denver, CO)/Dani Kelsen (Denver, CO)

Men’s Masters (35+)
1.  Michael Ashenbeck (Westminster, CO)/James Pinto (Boulder, CO)
2.  Mike Wagstaff (Denver, CO)/Brad Johnson (Denver, CO)

Women’s Masters (35+)
1.  Heather Harrington (Denver, CO)/Summer Mrotek (Denver, CO)
2.  Nhu Nguyen (Thornton, CO)/Liz Mollman (Parker, CO)


Men’s Seniors (45+)
1.  Steve Schmidt (Castle Rock, CO)/Rue Green (Elizabeth, CO)
2.  Paul Fair (Denver, CO)/Renny Warner (Denver, CO)

Co-Ed A
1.  Kellyn Thaut (Lonetree, CO)/Skylar Del Sol (Lonetree, CO)
2.  Alexis Nicholls (Orlando, FL)/Mykolai Zerebecky (Westminster, CO)

Co-Ed BB
1.  Megan Stone (Lakewood, CO)/John McLemore (Lakewood, CO)
2.  Gabby Hutzlar (San Diego, CA)/Sam Foster (Denver, CO)

Co-Ed B
1.  Kylen Christiansen (Lyons, CO)/Finn Basey (Lyons, CO)
2.  Cassie Pyles (Highlands Ranch, CO)/Tom Pyles (Highlands Ranch, CO)

Junior Girls 12’s
1.  Chloe Rodocker (Denver, CO)/McKenzie Droughns (Denver, CO)
2.  Janelle Folks (Denver, CO)/Allison Theisen (Blaine, MN)

Junior Girls 14’s
1.  Nora Fingerlin (Aurora, CO)/Xiemena Meyers (Littleton, CO)
2.  Madison Folks (Denver, CO)/Kennedy Meyers (Littleton, CO)


Junior Girls 16’s
1.  Emily Ettel (Englewood, CO)/Molly Chapman (Englewood, CO)
2.  Rachel Randolph (Aurora, CO)/Briar Moore (Parker, CO)

Junior Girls 18’s
1.  Avery Nelson (Colorado Springs, CO)/Michaela Putnicki (Monument, CO)
2.  Ashley Hand (Denver, CO)/Taylor Hicken (Littleton, CO)

Father/Daughter 12’s
1.  Yasmine Marinez (Albuquerque, NM)/Bryan Klein (Albuquerque, NM)
2.  Paletyn Burrell (Denver, CO)/Matt Burrell (Denver, CO)

Father/Daughter 14’s
1.  Stacia Smith (Colorado Springs, CO)/Darin Smith (Colorado Springs, CO)
2.  Left without giving names.

Father/Daughter 16’s
1.  Alyssa Adkins (Colorado Springs, CO)/Kris Adkins (Colorado Springs, CO)
2.  Maya Waddington (Denver, CO)/Jon Waddington (Denver, CO)

Father/Daughter 18’s
1.  Laney Swan (Colorado Springs, CO)/Rick Swan (Colorado Springs, CO)
2.  Kyla Green (Elizabeth, CO)/Rue Green (Elizabeth, CO)

Junior Boy’s 12’s
1.  Josh Norman (Highlands Ranch, CO)/Tucker Shearn (Highlands Ranch, CO)
2.  Left without leaving names.


Junior Boy’s 14’s
1.  Sean Stevelinck (Lyons, CO)/Gage Basey (Lyons, CO)
2.  Sean Carlson (Golden, CO)/Jake Green (Elizabeth, CO)

Junior Boy’s 16’s
1.  Preston Teska (Parker, CO)/Ryan Smith (Parker, CO)
2.  Joey Barr (Silverthorne, CO)/Emilio Gonzales (Denver, CO)



Father/Son 12’s
1.  Landon Keathley (Larkspur, CO)/Dewayne Keathley (Larkspur, CO)
2.  Griffin Guiietz (Denver, CO)/Michael, Guiietz (Denver, CO)

Father/Son 14’s
1.  Jack Clark (Golden, CO)/Curtis Clark (Golden, CO)
2.  Island Doty (Colorado Springs, CO)/Orion Doty (Colorado Springs, CO)

Father/Son 16’s
1.  Christian Hoover (Canon City, CO)/Nelson Hoover (Canon City, CO)
2.  Left without leaving names.

Father/Son 18’s
1.  T.J. Smith (Parker, CO)/Scott Smith (Parker, CO)
2.  Tanner Toussaint (Colorado Springs, CO)/Tim Toussaint (Colorado Springs, CO)

Men’s A
1.  Davia Skaff (Grand Junction, CO)/Jonathan Brady (Buffalo, NY)

Women’s A
1.  Kianna Lee (Englewood, CO)/Haley McLaren (Centennial, CO)

Men’s BB
1.  Jon Connelly (Lakewood, CO)/Matthew Liu (Denver, CO)

Women’s BB
1.  Shala Schneider (Johnstown, CO)/Leandra Ritter (Fort Collins, CO)
Men’s B
1.  Blake Lundstran (Denver, CO)/Blake Whitley (Huntsville, AL)

Women’s B
1.  Dezi Doppel (Colorado Springs, CO)/Courtney Jensen (Colorado Springs, CO)


2016 King of the Mountain Finishers


Men’s Open
1.  Skylar Del Sol (Lonetree, CO)/Cody Kessel (Colorado Springs, CO)
2.  David Smith (Lakewood, CO)/Nathan Yang (Boulder, CO)
3.  Jonny Chan (Golden, CO)/David Maitlen (Denver, CO)
3.  Colin McAtee (Denver, CO)/Jeff Houghton (Denver, CO)
5.  Kevin Mollman (Centennial, CO)/Mykolai Zerebeckyj (Westminster, CO)
5.  Brendan Healey (Denver, CO)/Carter Mackey (Denver, CO)

Women’s Open
1.  Christina Houghtelling (Thornton, CO)/Angela Knopf (Fort Collins, CO)
2.  Mallory Deneen (Denver, CO)/Katie Avidson (Denver, CO)
3.  Nola Basey (Lyons, CO)/Katie Pyles (Denver, CO)
3.  Heather Lorince (Denver, CO)/Liz Card (Denver, CO)
5.  Merissa Duran (Albuquerque, NM)/Devanne Souls (Albuquerque, NM)
5.  Pamela Sorensen (Brighton, CO)/Cat Scott (Golden, CO)

Men’s A
1.  Daniel Duran (Denver, CO)/Isaac Garcia (Denver, CO)
2.  Mike Wagstaff (Denver, CO)/Kevin Wagstaff (Denver, CO)

Women’s A
1.  Kellyn Thaut (Lonetree, CO)/Emily Alexis (Brighton, CO)
2.  Kim Catlet (Fort Collins, CO)/Kristen Sciacca (Monument, CO)

Men’s BB
1.  Luis Loya (Carbondale, CO)/Miquel Olivas (Carbondale, CO)
2.  Wade Bass (Denver, CO)/Josh Meyers (Denver, CO)

Women’s BB
1.  Gabby Hutzler (Broomfield, CO)/Courtney Hulla (Littleton, CO)
2.  Lauren Robinson (Highlands Ranch, CO)/Alyssa Oswald (Highlands Ranch, CO)

Men’s B
1.  Nick Huels (Bailey, CO)/Cory Borst (Bailey, CO)
2.  Paul Hamer (Monument, CO)/James Bequette (Edmond, OK)

Women’s B
1.  Sherri Boxberger (Hudson, CO)/Marianne Graham (Westminster, CO)
2.  Jordan Cody (Rifle, CO)/Jacklyn Collins (Rifle, CO)

Men’s Masters (35+)
1.  Jason Wyrick (Littleton, CO)/Paige Harrington (Denver, CO)
2.  Chad Bond (Denver, CO)/Mike Doucette (Denver, CO)

Women’s Masters (35+)
1.  Pamela Sorensen (Brighton, CO)/Cat Scott (Golden, CO)
2.  Jenna Branham (Denver, CO)/Tanya Bond (Denver, CO)

Men’s Seniors (45+)
1.  Rue Green (Elizabeth, CO)/Steve Schmidt (Castle Rock, CO)
2.  Brian Kennedy (Denver, CO)/Dan Hamm (Golden, CO)

Co-Ed A
1.  Nola Basey (Lyons, CO)/Lars Basey (Lyons, CO)
2.  Aurora Santos (Frisco, CO)/Sean Bartosencz (Denver, CO)

Co-Ed BB
1.  Katie Wessels (Denver, CO)/Wade Bass (Denver, CO)
2.  Cassy Hanncam (Denver, CO)/J.R. Thibodeaux (Denver, CO)

Co-Ed B
1.  Laurel Britt (Albuquerque, NM)/Aidan Brown (Albuquerqe, NM)
2.  Melissa Keathly (Larkspur, CO)/Dwayne Keathly (Larkspur, CO)

Junior Girls 12’s
1.  Ashlyn Phair (Colorado Springs, CO)/Brooke Hyland (Colorado Springs, CO)
2.  Stevie Vigil (Denver, CO)/Rylan Pollart (Denver, CO)

Junior Girls 14’s
1.  Rachel Scott (Buena Vista, CO)/Becca Rugg (Colorado Springs, CO)
2.  Raven Gonzales-Sanchez (Albuquerque, NM)/Angelyse Gonzales-Sanchez (Albuquerque, NM)

Junior Girls 16’s
1.  Cassie Pyles (Highlands Ranch, CO)/Brynn Scheckenbach (Centennial, CO)
2.  Mikayla Snyder (Longmont, CO)?Rachel Kusbel (Longmont, CO)

Junior Girls 18’s
1.  Ashley Pagan (Colorado Springs, CO)/Emma Porter (Colorado Springs, CO)
2.  Rylie Pattison (Castle Rock, CO)/Olivia Storaci (Longmont, CO)

Father/Daughter 12’s
1.  Ashlyn Phair (Colorado Springs, CO)/Lance Phair (Colorado Springs, CO)
2.  Teagan Vandermay (Albuquerque, NM)/Vince Vandermay (Albuquerque, NM)

Father/Daughter 14’s
1.  Alyssa Adkins (Colorado Springs, CO)/Kris Adkins (Colorado Springs, CO)
2.  Diamona Folks (Wheatridge, CO)/Madison Folks (Wheatridge, CO)

Father/Daughter 16’s
1.  Kyla Green (Elizabeth, CO)/Rue Green (Elizabeth, CO)
2.  Cassie Pyles (Highlands Ranch, CO)/Tom Pyles (Highlands Ranch, CO)

Father/Daughter 18’s
1.  Madison Adkins (Colorado Springs, CO)/Kris Adkins (Colorado Springs, CO)
2.  Rylie Pattison (Castle Rock, CO)/Matt Packard (Castle Rock, CO)


Father/Son 12’s
1.  Colin Shearn (Denver, CO)/Tucker Shearn (Denver, CO)
2.  Jack Romjue (Bailey, CO)/Jay Romjue (Bailey, CO)

Father/Son 14’s
1.  Aiden Bond (Aurora, CO)/Chad Bond (Aurora, CO)
2.  Ryan Smith (Parker, CO)/Scott Smith (Parker, CO)

Father/Son 16’s
1.  Branch Dejager (Highlands Ranch, CO)/Mike Dejager (Highlands Ranch, CO)
2.  Cole Chaffee (Littleton, CO)/Brian Chaffee (Littleton, CO)

Father/Son 18’s
1.  Jamison Jendrusch (Denver, CO)/Jay Caruso (Denver, CO)
2.  Grant Dewey (Colorado Springs, CO)/Marco Dewey (Colorado Springs, CO)    



2015 King of the Mountain Finishers


1.  Jeff Samuels (Grand Blanc, MI)/Skylar Del Sol (Castle Rock, CO)
2.  Jon Mesko (Hermosa Beach, CA)/Ty Tramblie (Huntington Beach, Ca)
3.  Jeff Houghton (Denver, CO)/Vinnie Robbins (Arvada, CO)
3.  T.K. Kohler (Huntington Beach, CA)David Smith (Lakewood, CO)
5.  Mykolai Zerebeckyj (Westminster, CO)/Jamey Martin (Thornton, CO)
5.  Paige Harrington (Denver, CO)/Jason Wyrick (Littleton, CO)

1.  Lynne Galli (San Diego, CA)/Lisa Rutledge (San Diego, CA)
2.  Amanda Wiggins (Monument, CO)/Andrea Peterson (Hermosa Beach, CA)
3.  Mallory Deneen (Denver, CO)/Angela Knopf (Fr. Collins, CO)
3.  Katie Pyles (Denver, CO)/Nola Basey (Lyons, CO)
5..Ashley Kelsey (Albuquerque, NM)/Devanne Sours (Albuquerque, NM)
5.  Tonya Bond (Aurora, CO)/Tess Rogers (Denver, CO)

1.  James Pinto (Boulder, CO)/Jeremiah Smith (Denver, CO)
2.  Michael Doucette (Denver, CO)/Jason Wyrick (Denver, CO)

1.  Pamela Sorenson (Brighton, CO)/Summer Mrotek (Denver, CO)
2.  Wendy Lockhart (St. Pete’s Beach, FL)/Mel Calata (San Antonio, TX)


1.  Steve Schmidt (Castle Rock, CO)/Rue Green (Elizabeth, CO)
2.  Dave Gottschalk (Denver, CO)/Paul Fair (Denver, CO)

1.  Jeremy Ochoa (Loveland, CO)/Sean Bartosewcz (Denver, CO)
2.  Tommy Ward (Denver, CO)/Daniel Durand (Denver, CO)

1.  Elysse Richardson (Colorado Springs, CO)/Kelsey English (Boulder, CO)
2.  Reagan Folaron (Colorado Springs, CO)/Mackenzie Swan (Colorado Springs, CO)

1.  Tonas Ochoa (Denver, CO)/Julio Garcia (Denver, CO)
2.  Matt Bertschman (Denver, CO)/Josh Meyers (Aurora, CO)

1.  Daisy Schultz (Denver, CO)/Allegra Shippy (Pueblo, CO)
2.  Hannah Starbuck (Durango, CO)/Ciara Krening (Loveland, CO)

1.  Luis Loya (Carbondale, CO)/Mike Olivas (Carbondale, CO)
2.  Paul Hanmer (Monument, CO)/James Bequette (Kansas City, KS)

1.  Stacey Orin (Denver, CO)/Katie Thompson (Golden, CO)
2.  Erin Layman (Littleton, CO)/Kerstin Layman (Littleton, CO)




1.  Katie Pyles (Denver, CO)/Trevor Burr (Denver, CO)
2.  Liz Serra-Hsu (Davis, CA)/Nathan Yang (Davis, CA)

1.  Liz Schwebach (Denver, CO)/Brandt Westbrook (Denver, CO)
2.  Dee Miesner (Denver, CO)/Mark Miesner (Denver, CO)

1.  Monica Arnett (Denver, CO)/Brandon Huston (Denver, CO)
2.  Jasmine Schmidt (Parker, CO)/T.J. Smith (Parker, CO)

1.  Emma Porter (Colorado Springs, CO)/Ashley Pagan (Colorado Springs, CO)
2.  Jenna McGuire (Colorado Springs, CO)/Allison Hand (Denver, CO)

1.  Amber Berns (Colorado Springs, CO)/Casey Ahrendsen (Colorado Springs, CO)
2.  Laney Swan (Colorado Springs, CO)/Bailey Scott (Colorado Springs, CO)

1.  Kai Norman (Highlands Ranch, CO)/Sasha Bosio (Highlands Ranch, CO)
2.  Elena Garcia (Albuquerque, NM)/Mikayla Russell (Albuquerque, NM)

1.  Charlee Cordis (Highlands Ranch, CO)/Kelli Ell (Highlands Ranch, CO)
2.  Kiley Simpson (Colorado Springs, CO)/Amaya Messler (Aurora, CO)


1.  Mike Porter (Colorado Springs, CO)/Emma Porter (Colorado Springs, CO)
2.  Dann Smith (Colorado Springs, CO)/Kara Smith (Colorado Springs, CO)

1.  Rick Swan (Colorado Springs, CO)/Laney Swan (Colorado Springs, CO)
2.  Rue Green (Elizabeth, CO)/Kyla Green (Elizabeth, CO)

1.  Tom Pyles (Highlands Ranch, CO)/Cassie Pyles (Highlands Ranch, CO)
2.  Steve Kinsey (Colorado Springs, CO)/Jade Kinsey (Colorado Springs, CO)

1.  Chris Powers (Arvada, CO)/Myrrh Powers (Arvada, CO0
2.  Eno Nicholds (Dillon, CO)/Mya Nicholds (Dillon, CO)

1.  Tim Toussaint (Colorado Springs, CO)/Austin Toussaint (Colorado Springs, CO)

1.  Jamey Martin (Thornton, CO)/Rowdy Martin (Thornton, CO)

1.  Scott Smith (Parker, CO)/Ryan Smith (Parker, CO)
2.  Wade Frear (Colorado Springs, CO)/Hayden Frear (Colorado Springs, CO)

1.  Chad Bond (Aurora, CO)/Aiden Bond (Aurora, CO)
2.  Mykolai Zerebeckyj (Westminster, CO)/Mavrick Martin (Thornton, CO)



2014 King of the Mountain Finishers


Men's Open
1. Dana Camacho (Fort Lauderdale, FL)/Vinnie Robbins (Aurora, CO)
2. Skylar Del Sol (Elizabeth, CO)/Cody Kessel (Colorado Springs, CO)
3. Paige Harrington (Denver, CO)/Jason Wyrick (Littleton, CO)
3. Tom Kohler (Huntington Beach, CA)/ Mike Boag (Lake Forest, CA)

Women’s Open
1. Amanda Wiggins (Monument, CO)/Lynn Galli (San Diego, CA)
2. Mallory Deneen (Santa Fe, NM)/Erin Lehman (Erie, CO)  
3. Meghan Law (Denver, CO)/Errin Vito (Broomfield, CO)
3. Heather Lorince (Denver, CO)/Jenna Branham (San Clemente, CA)

Men’s Masters (35-over)
1. Michael Doucette (Denver, CO)/Eric Christianson (Broomfield, CO)
2. Jamey Martin (Thornton, CO)/Chad Bond (Aurora, CO)

Women’s Masters (35-over)
1. Mel Calata (San Antonio, TX)/Wendy Lockhart (St.Pete’s Beach, FL)
2. Kris Bredehoft (Englewood, CO)/Jenee Gilliam (Englewood, CO)

Men’s Seniors (45-over)
1. Rue Green (Elizabeth, CO)/Steve Schmidt (Castle Rock, CO)
2. James Pinto (Boulder, CO)/Dan Hamm (Genesee, CO)

Junior Girls 12- Under
1. Bryn Hall (Highlands Ranch, CO)/Lauren Marshall (Highlands Ranch, CO)
2. Ashlin Phair (Colorado Springs, CO)/Leah Lester (Colorado Springs, CO)

Junior Girls 14- Under
1. Maya Borenstein (Denver, CO)/Carly Killorin (Centennial, CO)
2. Abigail Hildenbrand (Parker, CO)/Lauren Schick (Highlands Ranch, CO)

Junior Girls 16- Under
1. Celis Cuplen (Highlands Ranch, CO)/Makenzi Kissman (Aurora, CO)
2. Taylor Cordts (Highlands Ranch, CO)/Annie Ell (Highlands Ranch, CO)  

Junior Girls 18- Under
1. Mackenzie Swan (Colorado Springs, CO)/Reagan Folaron (Colorado Springs, CO)
2. Celeste James (Denver, CO)/Sidney Wicks (Denver, CO)

Men’s A
1. Matt Friesen (Grand Junction, CO)/Matt Denry (Loveland, CO)
2. Matt Pisha (Lakewood, CO)/Sam Sokal (Denver, CO)

Women’s A
1. Alexa Smith (Colorado Springs, CO)/Jordan Pingell (Colorado Springs, CO)
2. Tasha Pollard (Denver, CO)/Melissa Keathley (Larkspur, CO)


Men’s BB
1. Craig Clark (Denver, CO)/Peter Barney (Denver, CO)
2. Richard Anderson (Steamboat Springs, CO)/Andy Gervina (Steamboat Springs, CO)

Women’s BB
1. Lisa Beauchene (Albuquerque, NM)/Audra Gentry (Albuquerque, NM)
2. Ali Scheils (Estes Park, CO)/Madeline Keen (Lyons, CO) 

Men’s B
1. Luis Loya (Carbondale, CO)/Mike Olivas (Carbondale, CO)
2. Paul Hammer (Iowa City, IA)/Andy Siliz (Denver, CO)

Women’s B
1. Stephanie Webster (Denver, CO)/Victoria Randolph (Denver, CO)
2. Heather Henry (Denver, CO)/Tana Bengston (Denver, CO)

Co-ed A
1. Thomas Hutch (Thornton, CO)/Nola Basey (Lyons, CO)
2. Elsa Legrand (Denver, CO)/Jeremy Ochoa (Loveland, CO)

Co-ed BB
1. Chelsea Cadman (Grand Junction, CO)/Ryan Zentmeyer (Grand Junction, CO)
2. Rick Swan (Colorado Springs, CO)/Laney Swan (Colorado Springs, CO)

Co-ed B
1. David Green (Albuquerque, NM)/Elsa Kriea (Granby, CO)
2. Madison Handy (Carbondale, CO)/Jensen Teaque (Littleton, CO)  

Father – Son 12- Under
1. Nelson Hoover (Canon City, CO)/Christian Hoover (Canon City, CO)
2. Scott Smith (Parker, CO)/Ryan Smith (Parker, CO)

Father – Son 14- Under
1. Mike DeJaqer (Highlands Ranch, CO)/Brandt DeJaqer (Highlands Ranch, CO)
2. Matt Akromis (Denver, CO)/Drake Akromis (Denver, CO)

Father – Son 16- Under
1. Daniel Beaton (Oahu, HI)/Jim Beaton (Oahu, HI)
2. Nick Huels (Bailey, CO)/Karl Huels (Bailey, CO)

Father – Son 18- Under
1. Tim Toussaint (Colorado Springs, CO)/Austin Toussaint (Colorado Springs, CO)
2. Mitch Decker (Parker, CO)/Bruce Decker (Parker, CO)

Father – Daughter 12- Under
1. Chris Powers (Littleton, CO)/Myrrhcurie Powers (Littleton, CO)  
2. Mike Thomsen (Broomfield, CO)/Kira Thomsen (Broomfield, CO)

Father – Daughter 14- Under
1. Rue Green (Elizabeth, CO)/Kyla Green (Elizabeth, CO)  
2. Chris Damour (Highlands Ranch, CO)/Lauren Damour (Highlands Ranch, CO)  

Father – Daughter 16- Under
1. Sam Sixta (Altoona, IA)/Jim Sixta (Altoona, IA)  
2. Kris Adkins (Colorado Springs, CO)/ Madi Adkins (Colorado Springs, CO)  

Father – Daughter 18- Under
1. Rick Swan (Colorado Springs, CO)/MacKenzie Swan (Colorado Springs, CO)  
2. Jeremey Bronson (Highlands Ranch, CO)/Nikelle Bronson (Highlands Ranch, CO)



2013 King of the Mountain Finishers


Men's Open
1. David Smith (Lakewood, CO)/Brad Torsone (Hermosa Beach, CA)
2. Vince Robbins (Aurora, CO)/Skylar Delsol (Denver, CO)
3. Davce Maitlen (Denver, CO)/Paige Harrington (Denver, CO)
3. Joseph Mackey (Denver, CO)/Jonny Chan (Golden, CO)

Women’s Open
1. Kimberly DiCello (San Diego, CA)/Lisa Rutledge (San Diego, CA)
2. Mallory Deneen (Denver, CO)/Kelsey Anderson (Albuquerque, NM)
3. Pamela Sorensen (Brighton, CO)/Kelsey Fautsch (Centennial, CO)
3. Angela Peterson (Lindon, UT)/Traci Walsh (Woods Cross, UT)

Men’s Masters
1. Michael Doucette (Denver, CO)/Jason King (Denver, CO)
2. Mike Miller (Denver, CO)/Carey Jones (Denver, CO)

Women’s Masters
1. Kris Bredehoff (Englewood, CO)/Jenee Gilliam (Englewood, CO)
2. Summer Mrotek (Denver, CO)/Pamela Sorensen (Brighton, CO)

Men’s Seniors
1. James Pinto (Boulder, CO)/Dan Hamm (Genesee, CO)
2. Steve Gouner (Monument, Co.); Tom Schmidt (Colorado Springs, Co.)

Junior Girls 12- Under
1. Cassie Pyles (Highlands Ranch, CO)/Lily Thomason (Castle Pines, CO)
2. Ashley Larson (Highlands Ranch, CO)/Kaylee Mejia (Highlands Ranch, CO)

Junior Girls 14- Under
1. Shaylee Befus (Brighton, CO)/Charner Ramsey (Denver, CO)
2. Laney Swan (Colorado Springs, CO)/Bailey Scott (Colorado Springs, CO)

Junior Girls 16- Under
1. Mariah Evans (Colorado Springs, CO)/Chase Jackson (Denver, CO)
2. Emerson Gerali (Lakewood, CO)/Kanysa Swackenberg (Brighton,  CO)

Junior Girls 18- Under
1. Kendra Swackenberg (Brighton, CO); Chandler Thomas ( Brighton, CO))
2. Mackenzie Swan (Colorado Springs, CO)/Reagan Folaron (Colorado Springs, CO)

Men’s A
1. Cody Kessel (Colorado Springs, CO)/Trevor Burr (Littleton, CO)
2. Daryl Garcia (Littleton, CO)/Michael Robles (Littleton, CO)

Women’s A
1. Julia Schlatte-Schatt (Graz, Austria)/Reese Merrell (Denver, CO)
2. Alyssa Valentine (Parker, CO)/Rachell Buell (Parker, CO)


Men’s BB
1. Kenneth Brown (Amarillo, TX)/Chris Skeen (Amarillo, TX)
2. Sean Meacham (Denver, CO)/Matt Eilers (Breckenridge, CO)

Women’s BB
1. Janae VanderPloeg (Colorado, CO)/Hannah Hoffman (Colorado Springs, CO)
2. Christina Ybarra (Arvada, CO)/Jessica Asplund (Denver, CO)

Men’s B
1. Garrett Brizendine (Denver, CO)/Sean Bartosewcz (Vail, CO)
2. Mitchell Clough (Littleton, CO)/Dillon Patterson (Otis, CO)

Women’s B
1. Johnna Bambrey (Bailey, CO)/LeAnn Powell (Albuquerque, NM)
2. Kelli Chiri (Denver, CO)/Maura Lentz (Denver, CO)

Co-ed A
1. Trevor Burr (Centennial, CO)/Katie Pyles (Highlands Ranch, CO)
2. Daniel Foo (Albuquerque, NM)/Kelsey Anderson (Albuquerque, NM)

Co-ed BB
1. Skylar Delsol (Lone Tree, CO)/Paighton Miller (Highlands Ranch, CO)
2. Jarrod Espinoza (Albuquerque, NM)/Allison Buck (Albuquerque, NM)

Co-ed B
1. Lars Basey (Lyons, CO)/Meagan Keen (Longmont, CO)
2. Michael McCracken (Albuquerque, NM)/LeAnn Powell (Albuquerque, NM)

Father – Son 12- Under
1. John Basey (Lyons, CO)/Gage Basey (Lyons, CO)
2. Wade Goodwin (Montrose, CO)/Keagan Goodwin (Montrose, CO)

Father – Son 14- Under
1. Nelson Hoover (Canyon City, CO)/Drew Hoover (Canyon City, CO)
2. Hector Calar (Colorado Springs, CO); Francis Calar (Colorado Springs, CO) 

Father – Son 16- Under
1. Chris McFarland (Golden, CO)/Lane McFarland (Golden, CO)
2. Marco Dewey (Colorado Springs, CO)/Grant Dewey (Colorado Springs, CO)

Father – Son 18- Under
1. Bruce Decker (Parker, CO)/Mitch Decker (Parker, CO)
2. Ed Reed (Denver, CO)/Jack Reed (Denver, CO)

Father – Daughter 12- Under
1. Lance Phair (Colorado Springs, CO)/Taylor Phair (Colorado Springs, CO)
2. Kevin Randall (Golden, CO)/Alina Randall (Golden, CO)

Father – Daughter 14- Under
1. Rick Swan (Colorado Springs, CO)/Laney Swan (Colorado Springs, CO)
2. Matt Packard (Castle Rock,  CO)/Kylie Pattison (Castle Rock, CO)

Father – Daughter 16- Under
1. Steve Peterschmidt (Colorado Springs, CO)/Bailey Peterschmidt (Colorado Springs, CO)
2. Mike Porter (Colorado Springs, CO)/Emma Porter (Colorado Springs, CO)

Father – Daughter 18- Under
1. John Gover (Fort Collins, CO)/Tara Gover (Fort Collins, CO)

2. Anthony Knight (Highlands Ranch, CO)/Mackenzie Knight (Highlands Ranch, CO)



2012 King of the Mountain Finishers


Men's Open
1. Andrei Belov (Russia- Huntington Beach, Ca.); Dana Camacho (Venice Beach, Ca.)
2. Skylar Delsol (Castlerock, Co.); David Smith (Lakewood, Co.)
3. Paige Harrington (Denver, Co.); Jason Wyrick (Littleton, Co.)
3. Vince Robbins (Aurora, Co.); Ryan Ammerman (Aurora, Co.)

Women’s Open
1. Amanda Wiggins (San Diego, Ca.); Abra Amwake (San Diego, Ca.)
2. Christina Shao (Boulder, Co.); Ashley Kajeta (Boulder, Co.)
3. Haley Jorgensborg (Denver, Co.); Andrea Hatcher (Denver, Co.)
3. Kelsey Fautsch (Denver, Co.); Erin Ready (Littleton, Co.)

Men’s Masters
1. Dana Camacho (Venice Beach, Ca.); Dave Smith (Denver, Co.)
2. Jamey Martin (Thorton, Co.); Ryan Post (Littleton, Co)

Women’s Masters
1. Jenee Gilliam (Denver, Co.); Jenna Branham (Denver, Co.)
2. Jeannette Kelder (Denver, Co.); Kris Bredehoft (Englenwood, Co.)

Men’s Seniors
1. Brian Kennedy (Denver, Co.); Renny Werner (Denver, Co.)
2. Steve Gouner (Monument, Co.); Tom Schmidt (Colorado Springs, Co.)

Junior Girls 12- Under
1. Nina Hill (Colorado Springs, Co.); Gianna Bartalo (Colorado Springs, Co.)
2. Delaney Miller (Highlands Ranch, Co.); Cassie Pyles (Highlands Ranch, Co.)

Junior Girls 14- Under
1. Fabi Freyre (Colorado Springs, Co.); Mika Dickson (Colorado Springs, Co.)
2. Mariah Evans (Colorado Springs, Co.); Allegra Shippy (Pueblo West, Co.)

Junior Girls 16- Under
1. Alexa Smith (Colorado Springs, Co.); Jordan Pingel (Colorado Springs, Co.)
2. Mackenzie Swan (Colorado Springs, Co.); Reagan Foloran (Colorado Springs, Co.)

Junior Girls 18- Under
1. Janae Vander-Ploeg (Colorado Springs, Co.); Hannah Huffman (Colorado Springs, Co.)
2. Kendra Swackenberg (Brighton, Co.); Chandler Thomas ( Brighton, Co.)

Men’s A
1. Michael Wilson (Laramie, Wy.); George Martinez (Albuquerque, Nm)
2. Matt Friesen (Grand Junction, Co.); Matthew Lovato (Grand Junction, Co.)

Women’s A
1. Nola Basey (Lyons, Co.); Katie Pyles (Highlands Ranch, Co.)
2. Kassiai Warnock (Boulder, Co.); Katie Evanyo (Boulder, Co.)

Men’s BB
1. Eric Fischer (Silverthorne, Co.); Shawn Cook (Silverthorne, Co.)
2. Spencer Powell (Colorado Springs, Co.); Evan Engle (Colorado Springs, Co.)

Women’s BB
1. Rachel Martinez (Highlands Ranch, Co.); Elsa Leqrand (Highlands Ranch, Co.)
2. Taylor Simpson (Colorado Springs, Co.); Cierra Simpson (Colorado Springs, Co.)

Men’s B
1. Michael Wagstaff (Denver, Co.); Kevin Wagstaff (Denver, Co.)
2. Patrick Jones (Denver, Co.); Keith Gray (Denver, Co.)

Women’s B
1. Janelle Wadas (Johnstown, Co.); Kristen Haner (Johnstown, Co.)
2. Marcella Novakovich (Colorado Springs, Co.); Dana Johnson (Colorado Springs, Co.)

Co-ed A
1. Ryan Ammerman (Parker, Co.); Nola Basey (Lyons, Co)
2. Mallory Deneen (Denver, Co.); Bryce Walsh (Kaneohe, HI)

Co-ed BB
1. Bryan Klein (Albuquerque, Nm.); Kelly Williamson (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
2. Paul Chase ( Loveland, Co.); Nikki Radtke (Fort Collins, Co.)

Co-ed B
1. Lany Swan (Colorado Springs, Co.); Rick Swan (Colorado Springs, Co.)
2. Dave Root (Longmont, Co.); Kim Cullian (Longmont, Co.)

Father – Son 12- Under
1. Jeremy Schmidt (Colorado Springs, Co.); Tom Schmidt (Colorado Springs, Co.)
2. Rowdy Martin (Thorton, Co.); Andy, Hindson (Fort Collins, Co.)

Father – Son 14- Under
1. Hector Calar (Colorado Springs, Co.); Francis Calar (Colorado Springs, Co.)
2. Daniel Beaton (Erie, Co.); Jim Beaton (Erie, Co.) 
Father – Son 16- Under
1. Hunter Noon (Denver, Co.); Bill Noon (Denver, Co.)
2. Mitch Decker (Parker, Co.); Bruce Decker (Parker, Co.)

Father – Son 18- Under
1. Trevor Burr (Littleton, Co.); Jim Burr (Littleton, Co.)
2. Brady Stokes (Los Alamos, Nm.); Kyle Stokes (Los Alamos, Nm.)

Father – Daughter 12- Under
1. Melanee Bauer (Castlerock, Co.); Eric Bauer (Castlerock, Co.)
2. Abigail Hildenbrand (Parker, Co.); Philip Hildenbrand (Parker, Co.)

Father – Daughter 14- Under
1. Maia Hannemann (Hermosa Beach, Ca.); Albert Hannemann ( Hermosa Beach, Ca.)
2. Emma Porter (Colorado Springs, Co.); Mike Porter (Colorado Springs, Co.)

Father – Daughter 16- Under
1. Mackenzie Swan (Colorado Springs, Co.); Rick Swan (Colorado Springs, Co.)
2. Pat Swope (Aztec, Nm.); Danielle Swope (Aztec, Nm.)

Father – Daughter 18- Under
1. Mackenzie Knight (Highlands Ranch, Co.); Anthony Knight (Highlands Ranch, Co.)
2. Katie Mackey (Castlerock, Co.); Kevin Mackey (Castlerock, Co.) 


2011 King of the Mountain Finishers

Men's Open
1. David Smith (Lakewood, Co.); Dana Camacho (Aspen, Co.)
2. Skylar Delsol (Castle Rock, Co.); Phil Law (Denver, Co.)
3. Chad Bond & Ryan Ammermann (Aurora, Co.)
3. John Basey (Lyons, Co.); Doug Schafer (Denver, Co.)

Women's Open
1. Amanda Wiggins (Monument, Co.), Tanya Bond (Denver, Co.)
2. Katie Carter (Steamboat Springs, Co.); Cayley Thurlby (Chicago, Ill.)
3. Meghan Barkman (Denver, Co.); Dawn Kearns (Thornton, Co.)
3 Ashley Kaneta (Arvada, Co.); Christina Shao (Boulder, Co.)

 Mens Masters (35-over)
1. Ryan Post (Englewood, Co.); Jamey Martin (Thornton, Co.)
2. Mike Doucette & Joe Kroog (Denver, Co.)

Men's Seniors (45-over)
1. Gary Patton (Highlands Ranch, Co.); Craig Plato (Broomfield, Co.)
2. Lance Bradbury (Littleton, Co.); David Gottschalk (Denver, Co.)

Women's Masters (35-over)
1. Kris Bredehoff (Englewood, Co.); Jenna Branham (Highlands Ranch, Co.)
2. Amy Carlson (Golden, Co.); Laurie Silver (Elizabeth, Co.)

 Men's A
1. Jeremy Ochoa (Loveland, Co.); Bryce Walsh (Kaneohe, Hi.)
2. Jason King & Josh Figas (Denver, Co.)

 Men's BB
1. Dennis Martinez & Javier Rodriguez (Albuquerque, N.M.)
2. Sean Meacham (Colorado Springs, Co.); Matt Eilers (Frisco, Co.)

 Men's B
1. Matt Benjamin (Boulder, Co.); Dane LeBlanc (Aspen, Co.)
2. Daryl Osborn & Loren Osborn (Denver, Co.)

Women's A
1. Tori Packard (Castle Rock, Co.); Melissa Kehehley (Larkspur, Co.)
2. Christie Odreman & Lindsay Furlong (Denver, Co.)

Women's BB
1. Jessica Lombardi (Canton, Ohio); Jenna Kaiser (Broomfield, Co.)
2. Claire Patten (Boulder, Co.); Michaela Luna (Denver, Co.)

 Women's B
1. Kristin Herrmann & Jennifer Luellig (Denver, Co.)
2. Beth Kosiea & Jamie Lugo (Colorado Springs, Co.)

Co-ed A
1. Skyler Delsol (Castle Rock, Co.); Sheree Brock (Larkspur, Co.)
2. Bryan Klein (Albuquerque, N.M.); Jenica Shippy (Colorado Springs, Co.)

Co-ed BB
1. Kenneth Brown & Caitlin Murphy (Amarillo, Texas)
2. Michael Aschenbeck & Jenna Kaiser (Broomfield, Co.)

Co-ed B
1. John & Wendy Gover (Fort Collins, Co.)
2. Dave LeBlanc & Stephanie Palmer (Aspen, Co.)

 Boys 14s
1 Ryan Coyle & Hector Calar (Colorado Springs, Co.)
2. Mitchell Simms & Lars Bassey (Lyons, Co.)

Boys 18s
1. Zach Hoepfner & Wesley Sjoerdsma, Colorado Springs
2. Kyle Edgerton & James Snope (Aztec, N.M.)

Girls 12s
1. Laney Swan & Cassie Davis (Colorado Springs, Co.)
2. Karysa Swackenberg (Brighton, Co.); Kate Chapman (Denver, Co.)

Girls 14s
1. Mariah Evans (Colorado Springs, Co.); Allegra Shippy (Pueblo, Co.)
2. Mika Dixon & Fabi Freyer (Colorado Springs. Co.)

Girls 16s
1. Jordan Pingel & Alexa Smith (Colorado Springs, Co.)
2. Grace Neal & MacKenzie Swan (Colorado Springs, Co.)

Girls 18s
1. Janae Vanderplog & Hannah Huffman (Colorado Springs, Co.)
2. Tammy King & MacKenzie Kessel (Colorado Springs, Co.) 

Father/Son 18s
1. John Gover & Jacob Gover (Denver, Co.)
2. Joel Sjoerdsma & Caleb Sjoerdsma (Colorado Springs, Co.)

Father/Son 16s
1. Karl Huels & Ryan Huels (Boulder, Co.)
2. Brady Stokes & Kyle Stokes (Los Alamos, N.M.)

Father/Son 14s
1. Bryce Decker & Mitch Decker (Parker, Co.)
2. Rolando Buted & Spencer Buted (Denver, Co.)


Father/Son 12s
1. Hector Calar & Francis Calar (Colorado Springs, Co.)
2. Rowdy Martin & Jamey Martin (Thornton, Co.)

Father/Daughter 18s
1. Greg Laymen & Erin Laymen (Littleton, Co.)
2. Jack Domme & Courtney Domme (Colorado Springs, Co.)

Father/Daughter 16s
1. Taz Swackenberg & Kendra Swackenberg (Brighton, Co.)
2. Brad Chacon & Alexa Chacon (Colorado Springs. Co.)

Father/Daughter 14s
1. Jim Sixta & Samantha Sixta (Altuna, Ia.)
2. Anthony Knight & Sadie Johnson (Denver, Co.)

Father/Daughter 12s
1. Rick Swan & Laney Swan (Colorado Springs, Co.)
2. Harry Hendon & MaKenzie Hendon (Denver, Co.)

2010 King of the Mountain Finishers

Men’s Open

1.  Vince Robbins (Aurora, Co.)/David Maitlan (Lafayette, Co.)

2.  Jamey Martin (Thornton, Co.)/Mykolai Zerebeckyj (Westminster, Co.)

3.  Paige Harrington (Denver, Co.)/Ryan Turner (Evergreen, Co.)

3.  Jake Paul (Aurora, Co.)/Jonny Chan (Golden, Co.)

Women’s Open

1.  Katie Carter (Venice, Ca.)/Sydney Donahue (Manhattan Beach, Ca.)

2.  Ashley Kaneta (Arvada, Co.)/Christina Shao (Boulder, Co.)

3.  Kris Bredehoff (Englewood, Co.)/Pam Sorensen (Broomfield, Co.)

3.  Rachel Leistikow (Aurora, Co.)/Jen Crownover (Aurora, Co.)

Men’s Masters (35-over)

1.  Ryan Post (Englewood, Co.)/Jamey Martin (Thornton, Co.)

2.  Paige Harrington (Denver, Co.)/Jason Wyrick (Littleton, Co.)

Men’s Seniors (45-over)

1.  Tom Schmidt (Colorado Springs, Co.)/Steve Gouner (Monument, Co.)

2.  David Gottshalk (Denver, Co.)/Craig Plato (Denver, Co.)

Women’s 40’s

1.  Kris Bredehoff (Englewood, Co.)/Jeanette Kelder (Denver, Co.)

2.  Nanci Lee (Denver, Co.)/Karen Klem (Denver, Co.)

Men’s A

1.  Chris Powers (Littleton, Co.)/Michael Robles (Littleton, Co.)

2.  Wade Goodwin (Montrose, Co.)/Wes Goodwin (Montrose, Co.)

Men’s BB

1.  Michael McCracken (Albuquerque, N.M.)/Bryan Klein (Albuquerque, N.M.)

2.  Tevor Burr (Centennial, Co.)/Scott Rahe (Centennial, Co.)

Men’s B 

1.  James Howell II (Glenwood Springs, Co.)/Sindar Mims (Snowmass Village, Co.)

2.  larry Hoagland (Longmont, Co.)/Landan Hoagland (Longmont, Co.)

Women’s A

1.  Molly Crockett (Colorado Springs, Co.)/Joy Blake (Colorado Springs, Co.)

2.  Teri Packard (Castle Rock, Co.)/Melisa Keathley (Larkspur, Co.)

Women’s BB

1.  Annie Coyle (Denver, Co.)/Michaela Luna (Denver, Co.)

2.  Kari Bassey (Lyons, Co.)/Nola Bassey (Lyons, Co.)

Women’s B

1.  Christina Ybarra (Arvada, Co.)/Katie McKay (Arvada, Co.)

2.  Hilary Blair (Littleton, Co.)/Karis Jelsma (Arvada, Co.)

Co-Ed A

1.  Jonny Chan (Golden, Co.)/Andrea Hatcher (Denver, Co.)

2.  Bryce Walsh (Kailua, Hi.)/Aurora Santos (Saipan, Northern Marianas Island)

Co-Ed BB

1.  Arlin Goodwin (Montrose, Co.)/Bria Lovato (Delta, Co.)

2.  Taz Bartling (Atlanta, Ga.)/Katie Pyles (Highlands Ranch, Co.)

Junior Boys 18’s

1.  David Johnson (Colorado Springs, Co.)/Wesley Sjoerolsma (Colorado Springs, Co.)

Junior Boys 16’s

1.  Mitchell Decker (Parker, Co.)/Michael Courtois (Parker, Co.)

Junior Boys 14’s

1.  Matt McLaren (Centennial, Co.)/Kyle Diethorn (Highlands Ranch, Co.)

Junior Girls 18’s

1.  Kenzi Caple (Glenwood Springs, Co.)/Taryn Pearce (Glenwood Spring, Co.)

2.  Kurstyn Morley (Colorado Springs, Co.)/Tracee Hamacher (Colorado Springs, Co.)

Junior Girls 16’s

1.  Hannah Huffman (Colorado Springs, Co.)/Janae Vanderploeg (Colorado Springs, Co.)

2.  Kristen Lee (Colorado Springs, Co.)/Sara Kosbab (Colorado Springs, Co.)

Junior Girls 14’s

1.  Alexa Smith (Colorado Springs, Co.)/Jordan Pingel (Colorado Springs, Co.)

2.  Branen Berta (Denver, Co.)/Gabby Simpson (Colorado Springs, Co.)

Junior Girls 12’s

1.  Lindsey hanselman (Colorado Springs, Co.)/Bethany Cullity (Colorado Springs, Co.)

2.  Laney Swan (Colorado Springs, Co.)/Katy Schuerkamp (Colorado Springs, Co.)

Father/Son 18’s/16’s

1.  Seth/Bryan Miller (Colorado Springs, Co.)

2.  Kyle/Brady Stokes (Los Alamos, N.M.)

Father/Son 14’s

1.  John/Lars Bassey (Lyons, Colorado)

2.  Bruce/Mitchell Decker (Parker, Co.)

Father/Son 12’s

1.  Francis/Hector Calar (Colorado Springs, Co.)

2.  Jay Caruso/Jamison Jendrusch (Denver, Co.)

Father/Daughter 18’s

1.  Rodell/Lauren Alejo (Monument, Co.)

2.  Scott/Sydney Nelson (Colorado Springs, Co.)

Father/Daughter 16’s

1.  Brad/Alexa Chacon (Colorado Springs, Co.)

2.  Jack/Monique Domme (Colorado Springs, Co.)

Father/Daughter 14’s

1.  Rick/MacKenzie Swan (Colorado Springs, Co.)

2.  Brett/Alexa Smith (Colorado Springs, Co.)

Father/Daughter 12’s

1.  Darin/Kaira Smith (Colorado Springs, Co.)

2.  Mike/Emma Porter (Colorado Springs, Co.)

2009 King of the Mountain Finishers

Men’s Open

1. John Stalls (Denver, Colorado)/Mykolai Zerebecky (Westminster, Colorado)

2. Ryan Post (Littleton, Colorado)/Jamey Martin (Thornton, Colorado)

3. Tony Weber/Jonny Chan (Denver, Colorado)

3. John Basey (Lyons, Colorado)/Danny Schafer (Aurora, Colorado)

Women’s Open

1. Angela Knopf (Ft. Collins, Colorado)/Krista Wilper (Golden, Colorado)

2. Ashley Kaneta (Arvada, Colorado)/Meghan Barkman (Denver, Colorado)

3. Jeanette Kelder/Erin Deffenbaugh (Denver, Colorado)

3. Jenee Gilliam/Audra Littou (Denver, Colorado)

Men’s Masters (35-over)

1. Carey Jones/Mike Miller (Denver, Colorado)

2. Brian Kennedy (Denver, Colorado)/Renny Werner (Westminster, Colorado)

Men’s Seniors (45-over)

1. Chris McFarland/Rocky Basille (Denver, Colorado)

2. Dave Gottschalk/Chris Stroup (Denver, Colorado)

Women’s 45’s:

1. Karen Klenn (Aurora, Colorado)/Nanci Lee (Denver, Colorado)

2. Carol Mackey/Heidi Bradey (Castle Rock, Colorado)


Men’s A

1. Josh Fivgas/Jason D. King (Denver, Colorado)

2. Curtis Oliver (Santa Barbara, California)/Cody Dunston (Denver, Colorado)

Men’s BB

1. Dave Drozd (Glenwood Springs, Colorado)/Alan Prater (Carbondale, Colorado)

2. Jason Stoll (Rockstar, Minnesota)/Ryan Armbruster (Castle Rock, Colorado)

Men’s B

1. Larry McDonald/Brett McDonald (Rocklin, California)

2. Troy Garcia/Phil Hultquist (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

Women’s A

1. Maria Marion-Hultquist/Alex Tennison (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

2. Colleen Irwin/Rosalyn Atkinson (Denver, Colorado)

Women’s BB

1. Andrea Wyatt (Parker, Colorado)/Lindsey Strickland (Lakewood, Colorado)

2. Claire Patten (Boulder, Colorado)/Lauren Bloch (Denver, Colorado)

Women’s B

1. Katelyn Lapham (Colorado Springs, Colorado)/Lindsay Larson (Wichita, Kansas)

2. Shelli Shickler/McKenzie Nelson-Buehler (Glenwood Springs, Colorado)

Co-Ed A

1. Erin Deffenbaugh/Michael Robles (Denver, Colorado)

2. Mike Doucette/Summer Mrotse (Denver, Colorado)

Co-Ed BB

1. Jeff Olham/Shawn Gray (Ft. Collins, Colorado)

2. Matthew Lonado/Gabriel Lonado (Grand Junction, Colorado)



1. Rodell Alejo/Lauren Alejo (Monument, Colorado)

2. Terry Beachey/Bethany Beachey (Longmont, Colorado)


1. Jack Domme/Monique Domme (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

2. Chris McFarland/Breanna McFarland (Golden, Colorado)


1. Rick Swan/McKenzie Swan (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

2. Chris Sweeny/Bria Sweeny (Colorado Springs, Colorado)


1. Rocky Pearson/Rachel Pearson (Denver, Colorado)

2. Chris Avila/Alex Avila (Castle Rock, Colorado)



1. Jim Burr/Trevor Burr (Littleton, Colorado)

2. Mark Rick/Jordan Rick (Arvada, Colorado)


1. Kyle Stokes/Brady Stokes (Los Alamos, NM)

2. Bruce Decker/Mitchell Decker (Parker, Colorado)


1. John Basey/Lars Basey (Lyons, Colorado)

2. Marty Broaddus/Caleb Barker (Lakewood, Colorado)



1. Gabriella Rifilato/Katherine Rifilato (Bagfield, Colorado)

2. Mikayla Shippey/Kenzie Shippey (Pueblo, Colorado)

3. Kelsi Klikus/Breanna Cullity (Colorado Springs, Colorado)


1. Janae Vanderploeg/Hannah Huffman (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

2. Sarah Kosbab/Kristin Lee (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

3. McKenzie Kessel/Tammy King (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

3. Jeffri Mulder/Ginni Mulder (Denver, Colorado)


1. Kenzie Swan/Ryan Wavera (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

2. Alexa Smith/Jordan Pingel (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

3. Hannah Patton/Katie Pyles (Denver, Colorado)


1. Celeste James/Maddee Marley (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

2. Holly Huffman(Colorado Springs, Colorado)/Allegra Shippey (Pueblo, Colorado)

3. Regan Pinello/Jenna Price (Colorado Springs, Colorado)



1. Cody Kessel/Chris Iverson (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

2. Monty Bernard/Josh Ross (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

3. Adam Archuletta/Jordon Rich (Denver, Colorado)

3. Joshua Hepfner/Seth Miller (Colorado Springs, Colorado)


1. Trevor Burr (Littleton, Colorado)/Michael Courtois (Parker, Colorado)

2. Drew Johnson/Kiefer Tuck (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

3. Hunter Noon/Jeff Houghton (Denver, Colorado)

3. Mitch Bonica/Mike Banich (Denver, Colorado)


1. Mitchell Decker (Parker, Colorado)/Mark McLaren (Centennial, Colorado)

2. Jake Reid (Arvada, Colorado)/Matthew Fracassini (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

3. Thomas King/Klinton Spencer (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

3. Amon Frazier/David Peterson (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

2008 King of the Mountain Finishers

Men’s Open

1. Jamey Martin (Thornton, Co.)/Ryan Post (Littleton, Co.)

2. Brian Jones/Kevin Mollman (Denver, Co.)

Women’s Open

1. Erin Byrd (San Diego, Ca.)/Stephanie Chapek (Minneapolis, Mn.)

2. Dawn Tischauser (Denver, Co..)/Deb Ponis (Arvada, Co.)

Men’s Masters (35-over)

1. Ryan Turner/Paige Harrington (Denver, Co.)

2. Joe Blackburn (Boulder, Co.)/Tony Webber (Denver, Co.)

Men’s Seniors (45-over)

1. Chris McFarland/Rocky Basille (Denver, Co.)

2. Dave Gottschalk/Kevin Lockwood (Denver, Co.)

Men’s A

1. Dan Box (Cheyenne, Wy.)/Paul Thayer (Ft. Collins, Co.)

2. Desi Vigil (Albuquerque, N.M.)/Shane Duerkesen (Denver, Co.)

Men’s BB

1. Paul Mason/Chad Stewart (Denver, Co.)

2. David Skaff/Brian Richards (Grand Junction, Co.)

Men’s B

1. Derek Reeder/Mike McCracken (Albuquerque, N.M.)

2. Paul Knowles/Will Wiggins (Steamboat Springs, Co.)

Women’s A

1. Erin Deffenbaugh (Denver, Co.)/Leanne Felton (Parker, Co.)

2. Kristy Jaeckel/Lauren Jaeckel (Littleton, Co.)

Women’s BB

1. Melissa Keathley (Denver, Co.)/Sheree Brock (Monument, Co.)

2. Jane Meuret (Littleton, Co.)/Lenora Rivera (Boulder, Co.)

Women’s B

1. Janelle Wadas (Johnstown, Co.)/Heather Rehmer (Houston, Tx.)

2. Katelyn Lapham/Raelle Naegely (Colorado Springs, Co.)

Co-Ed A

1. Erin Deffenbaugh/Michael Robles (Denver, Co.)

2. Kassidi Warnoch (Colorado Springs, Co.)/Jeremy Ochoa (Loveland, Co.)

Co-Ed BB

1. Larissa Merrell (Meeker, Co.)/David Skaff (Grand Junction, Co.)

2. Paul McGary/Wendy Anderson (Denver, Co.)



1. Joe Belzer (Monument, Co.)/Kassidi Warnock (Colorado Springs, Co.)

2. Bruce Roehrkasse/Reese Roehrkasse (Ft. Collins, Co.)


1. Rodel Alejo/Lauren Alejo (Monument, Co.)

2. Jack Domme/Monique Domme (Colorado Springs, Co.)


1. Mark Iverson/Lauren Iverson (Colorado Springs, Co.)

2. Ron Phillips/Michelle Phillips (Westminster, Co.)


1. The Swans (Rick, MacKenzie, Jocelyn, Laney – Colorado Springs, Co.)

2. Heath Hoke/Layne Hoke (Colorado Springs, Co.)



1. The Moores (Scott, Jonathon, Steven – Colorado Springs, Co.)

2. Todd Robertson/Cassidy Roberston (Boulder, Co.)


1. Jim Burr/Trevor Burr (Littleton, Colorado)

2. George Heopfner/Zachary Hoepfner (Colorado Springs, Co.)


1. Jay Caruso/Jamison Caruso (Denver, Co.)

2. Frank Lavrisha/Nik Lavrisha (Louisville, Co.)



1. Kaleigh Humphrey/Rachel Romansky (Denver, Colorado)

2. Alex Blitzer/Hillary Stefanec (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

3. Allison Schmitt/Megan Wierzbinski (Longmont, Colorado)


1. Kylee Hoagland/Kim Cullian (Longmont, Colorado)

2. Jeffre Mulder/Ginni Mulder (Denver, Colorado)

3. Gabriella Rifilato/Katherine Rifilato (Bayfield, Colorado)


1. Monique Domme/Grace Neal (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

2. MacKenzie Swan/Sydney Hartman (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

3. Kurstyn Morley/Sarabeth Haworth (Colorado Springs, Colorado)


1. Layne Hoke/Jordan Pingel (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

2. McKenna Thornlow/Kennedy Castaneda (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

3. Courtney Domme/Lindsey Baker (Colorado Springs, Colorado)



1. Cody Kessel/Chris Iverson (Colorado Springs, Colorado)


1. Derrick Burnett/John Moore (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

2. Drew Johnson/Josh Hoepfner (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

3. Adam Archulaeta/Jordan Rich (Arvada, Colorado)


1. Trevor Burr/Michael Moore (Colorado Springs, Colorado)


1. Thomas King/Klinton Spencer (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

2. Seth Mackey/Hunter Noon (Denver, Colorado)

2007 King of the Mountain Finishers

Men’s Masters (35-over):

1. Ryan Turner (Evergreen, Co.)/Paige Harrington (Denver, Co.)

2. Tony Webber (Denver, Co.)/Rich Willes (Austin, Tx.)

3. Brian Kennedy (Centennial, Co.)/Renny Warner (Lakewood, Co.)

Men’s Seniors (45-over):

1. Rocky Basille (Lakewood, Co.)/Chris Stroup (Westminster, Co.)

2. Brian Richter (Highlands Ranch, Co.)/Paul Fair (Denver, Co.)

3. Jay Caruso (Denver, Co)/Dave Gottschalk (Denver, Co.)

Men’s Open:

1. Jamie Martin (Littleton, Co.)/Neil Rooney (Littleton, Co.)

2. Loric Box (Albuquerque, N.M.)/Adam Rubel (Santa Fe, Co.)

3. Paige Harrington (Denver, Co.)/Ryan Turner (Evergreen, Co.)

3. Shayne Harris (Castle Rock, Co.)/Ryan Post (Denver, Co.)

Men’s A:

1. Wes Goodwin (Montrose, Co.)/Wade Goodwin (Montrose, Co.)

2. Eric Price (Colorado Springs, Co.)/Kevin Weise (Colorado Springs, Co.)

Men’s BB:

1. Russell Blankenship (Santa Fe, N.M.)/Ricardo Sanchez (Santa Fe, N.M.)

2. Darrell Friesen (Grand Junction, Co.)/Matt Friesen (Grand Junction, Co.)

Men’s B:

1. Chris Lynn (Vail, Co.)/Chad Lynn (Chattanooga, Tn.)

2. Landon Hoagland (Longmont, Co.)/Mitch Jonas (Longmont, Co.)

Women’s Open:

1. Dawn Tischauser (Denver, Co.)/Deb Ponis (Arvada, Co.)

2. Andrea Hatcher (Denver, Co.)/Erin Lehman (Longmont, Co.)

3. Rachel Leistikow (Denver, Co.)/Pam Lubben (Denver, Co.)

3. Jenae Gilliam (Denver, Co.)/Audra Littou (Denver, Co.)

Women’s A:

1. Allie Newton (Denver, Co)/Shelly Dragger (Denver, Co.)

2. Karen Krewzer (Westminster, Co.)/Lori Pacheco (Westminster, Co.)

Women’s BB:

1. Nina Vuller (Denver, Co.)/Alisa Hatcher (Denver, Co.)

2. Stephanie Caretto (Edwards, Co.)/Jennifer Adkins (Edwards, Co.)

Women’s B:

1. Kathrine Corner (Boulder, Co.)/Angela Johnson (Longmont, Co.)

2. Tara Dressler (Boulder, Co.)/Lynn Clemo (Denver, Co.)

Co-Ed A:

1. Joan Dalton (Centennial, Co.)/Daryl Garcia (Littleton, Co.)

2. Melissa Renaud (Colorado Springs, Co.)/Chris Durham (Colorado Springs, Co.)

Co-Ed B:

1. Nikki Lawson (Highlands Ranch, Co.)/Todd Walker (Highlands Ranch, Co.)

2. Sage Nelson (Avon, Co.)/Will Wiggins (Steamboat Springs, Co.)

USA Junior Girls 18’s:

1. Jessica Wilson (Durango, Co.)/Jazmine Stoner (Durango, Co.)

2. Alex Nuttall (Parker, Co.)/Courtney Kathrens (Highlands Ranch, Co.)

USA Junior Girls 16’s:

1. Kim Cullian (Longmont, Co.)/Kylee Hoagland (Longmont, Co.)

2. Caitlin Dyche (Colorado Springs, Co.)/Skyler Kewandowski (Colorado Springs, Co.)

USA Junior Girls 14’s:

1. Landon Carvik (Carbondale, Co.)/Jamey Clingman (Carbondale, Co.)

2. Kristen Lee (Colorado Springs, Co.)/Hannah Huffman (Colorado Springs, Co.)

USA Junior Boys 16’s:

1. Cody Kessel (Colorado Springs, Co.)/Chris Iverson (Colorado Springs, Co.)

2. Drew Johnson (Colorado Springs, Co.)/Kiefer Tuck (Colorado Springs, Co.)

Father/Daughter 15-over:

1. Rodell Alejo/Lauren Alejo (Monument, Co.)

2. Greg Deneen/Mallory Deneen (Pueblo, Co.)

Father/Daughter 14-under:

1. Rick Swan/Mackenzie Swan (Colorado Springs, Co.)

2. Shawn Weathered/Shelby Weathered (Eagle, Co.)

Father/Son 15-over:

1. John Kessel/Cody Kessel (Colorado Springs, Co.)

2. Dug Merrell/Dylan Merrell (Meeker, Co.)

Father/Son 14-under:

1. Jim Burr/Travor Burr (Littleton, Co.)

2. Tom Pingel/Austin Pingel (Colorado Springs, Co.)


2006 Finishers:

Men’s Masters (35-over):

1. Jason Wyrick/Paige Harrington (Denver, Co.)

2. Brian Kennedy (Denver, Co.)/Renny Werner (Westminster, Co.)

3. Stephan Bosco (Conifer, Co.)/Daniel Hamm (Evergreen, Co.)

Men’s Seniors (45-over):

1. Rocky Basile/Chris Stroup (Denver, Co.)

2. Paul Fair (Denver, Co.)/Clare Dunning (Golden, Co.)

3. Kevin Lockwood/Dean Carlson (Denver, Co.)

Men’s Open:

1. Jamey Martin (Littleton, Co.)/Neil Rooney (Denver, Co.)

2. Curtis Griffin/Tyson Baker (Boulder, Co.)

3. Ryan Turner (Evergreen, Co.)/Eric Christianson (Redondo Beach, Ca.)

4. Matt Akromis (Denver, Co.)/Adam Rubel (Santa Fe, N. M.)

Men’s A:

1. Desi Vigil (Albuquerque, N. M.)/Eric Garcia (Longmont, Co.)

2. Nico Pecori (Breckenridge, Co.)/Kenjiro Thomas (Parker, Co.)

3. Trevor Taylor/David Ludlam (Palisades, Co.)

Men’s BB:

1. Wade Goodwin/Wes Goodwin (Montrose, Co.)

2. Ricardo Sanchez (Santa Fe, N. M.)/Doug Williams (Albuquerque, N.M.)

3. Arlin Goodwin (Montrose, Co.)/Keith Hostetler (Delta, Co.)

Men’s B:

1. Darrell Friesen/Matt Friesen (Grand Junction, Co.)

2. Dale Friesen/Leland Friesen (Windsor, Co.)

3. Ryan Downey/Keenan Kanacholo (Denver, Co.)

Women’s Open:

1. Krista Swartzendrubber (Denver, Co.)/Deb Ponis (Arvada, Co.)

2. Tanya Bond (Denver, Co.)/Val Durringer (Larkspur, Colorado)

3. Dawn Tischauser/Laurie Anderson (Denver, Co.)

4. Kris Bredehoff (Denver, Co.)/Pam Lubben (Broomfield, Co.)

Women’s A:

1. Brianna Smith (Westminster, Co.)/Margie Marshall (Highland Ranch, Co.)

2. Heather Lorince/Courtney Gilmore (Colorado Springs, Co.)

3. Summer Mrotek (Denver, Co.)/Kim Applegates (Silverthorne, Co.)

Women’s BB:

1. Annette Thull (Lafayette, Co.)/Kathy Robbins (Boulder, Co.)

2. Tracey Garvens/Michelle Neustiel (Denver, Co.)

3. Meranda Durnez (Grand Junction, Co.)/Alison Brinkley (Cedaredge, Co.)

Co-Ed A:

1. Trevor Taylor/Sarah Francis (Palisades, Co.)

2. Chris Durham/Kim Schweche (Colorado Springs, Co.)

3. Daryl Garcia (Littleton, Co.)/Joan Dalton (Centennial, Co.)

Co-Ed BB:

1. Doug Merrell/Larissa Merrell (Meeker, Co.)

2. Dennis Jamiel/Arlinda Huskey (Westminster, Co.)

3. Arlin Goodwin (Montrose, Co.)/Bria Lonato (Delta, Co.)

Junior Boys (18’s):

1. Austin Chow/Dane Jacobs (Vail, Co.)

Junior Boys (16’s):

1. Landon Hoagland/Mitch Jones (Longmont, Co.)

Junior Girls (18’s):

1. Mallory Denee/Jenica Shippy (Pueblo West, Co.)

2. Andrea Brodie/Suzi Enoch (Colorado Springs, Co.)

3. Sydney Nichols/Nicole Penwill (Avon, Co.)

Junior Girls (16’s):

1. Jazmin Stoner/Jessica Wilson (Durango, Co.)

2. Nicolette Stetson/Jillian Galloway (Longmont, Co.)

3. Kristina Lavrisha/Allyson Porter (Louisville, Co.)

Junior Girls (14’s):

1. Kim Cullian (Longmont, Co.)/Sage Martinson (La Salle, Co.)

2. Skyler Lweandowski (Colorado Springs, Co.)/Caitlin Dyche (Monument, Co.)

3. Tammy King/MacKenzie Swan (Colorado Springs, Co.)

Father/Son (18’s):

1. Frank & Michael Lavrisha (Louisville, Co.)

2. Todd & Cassidy Robertson (Boulder, Co.)

3. John & Joe Archer (Littleton, Co.)

Father/Son (14’s):

1. Bill & Hunter Noon (Greenwood Village, Co.)

2. Kyle & Joe Diethorn (Highlands Ranch, Co.)

3. Bruce & Mitch Decker (Parker, Co.)

Father/Daughter (18’s):

1. Doug & Larisa Merrell (Meeker, Co.)

2. Andy & Kendra Carlberg (Breckenridge, Co.)

3. Chuch & Kendra Cullian (Longmont, Co.)

Father/Daughter (16’s):

1. Rodel & Lauren Alejo (Monument, Co.)

2. Wendall & Bre Williams (Littleton, Co.)

3. Kelly & Molly Crockett (Colorado Springs, Co.)

Father/Daughter (14’s):

1. Rick & MacKenzie Swan (Colorado Springs, Co.)

2. Mike & Taylor Williams (Denver, Co.)

3. Jay & Rebecca Van Voorst (Eagle, Co.)


2005 Finishers:

Mens' Masters (35-over)

1. Shane Harris/Dave Rohn (Grand Junction, Colorado) 

2. Dan Hamm (Evergreen, Co.)/Lawrence Werner (Denver, Co.) 

3. Joe Bob Graham (Steamboat Springs, Co.)/Rob Crawford (Eagle, Co.)

Mens Seniors' (45-over)

1. Rocky Basille (Lakewood, Co.)/Dana Mills (Arvada, Co.) 

2. David Strawn (Denver, Co.)/Dave Akin (Monument, Co.)

Mens' Open

1. Riley Salmons (Houston, Tx.)/Chris Seifert (Laguna Nigel, Ca.) 

2. Ryan Post (Aurora, Co.)/Jamey Martin (Littleton, Co.) 

3. Neil Rooney/Tony Mazzullo (Denver, Colorado)

Womens' Open

1. Dian Pascual/Paige Davis (San Diego, California) 

2. Angela Knopf (Ft. Collins, Co.)/Krista Swartzendrubber (Denver, Co.) 

3. Ingrid Rooslid (Albuquerque, N.M.)/Dawn Tischauser (Denver, Co.)

Mens' A

1. Chris Powers (Littleton, Co.)/Desi Vigil (Albuquerque, N.M.) 

2. Ed Marwitz/Nick Peconi (Breckenridge, Colorado) 

3. Eric Garcia (Longmont, Co.)/Eric Pennick (Denver, Co.)

Mens' BB

1. Medel Quizon/Sam Kaneta (Broomfield, Colorado) 

2. Kent Friesen/Dale Friesen (Windsor, Colorado) 

3. Corey Myers (Minturn, Co.)/Mike Nelson (Vail, Co.)

Mens' B

1. Ricardo Sanchez/J. Starrettt (Santa Fe, New Mexico) 

2. Alan P:rater (Carbondale, Co.)/Brendon Wright (Gypsum, Co.) 

3. Ron Marvin/Dave Mauofsky (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

Womens' A

1. April Prater (Carbondale, Co.)/Kari Bassey (Lyons, Co.) 

2. Louise Free/Heather Lorince (Colorado Springs, Colorado) 

3. Laura Ludlan/Stephanie Maughan (Grand Junction, Colorado)

Womens' BB

1. Merry Balson (Highlands Ranch, Co.)/Kathy Curley (Littleton, Co.) 

2. Ashley Pestotnik (Aurora, Co.)/Kim Wheatlake (Northland, Co.) 

3. Michele Collette (Thornton, Co.)/Arlinda Huskey (Westminster, Co.)

Co-Ed A

1. Pamela Lubben (Broomfield, Co.)/Luis Rojas (Lakewood, Co.) 

2. Kris Bredehoff (Englewood, Co.)/Kelly Esser (Golden, Co.) 

3. Jazzy Sapp (Arvada, Co.)/Mykolai Zerebeckzj (Westminster, Co.)

Co-Ed BB

1. April Prater/Alan Prater (Carbondale, Colorado) 

2. Arlinda Huskey/Dennis Jamiel (Westminster, Colorado) 

3. Jennifer Rosely (Vail, Co.)/Jim Rangus (Parker, Co.)

Junior Girls' 18-under

1. Ali & Caitlan Risk (Colorado Springs, Colorado) 

2. Erica Pelland/Carly Velasquez (Carbondale, Colorado) 

3. Kristy Collins/Leanna Lawson (Glenwood Springs, Colorado)

Junior Girls' 16-under

1. Jenica Shippy/Mallary Deneen (Pueblo West, Colorado) 

2. Britney Brown/Emily Lybarger (Edwards, Colorado) 

3. Natalie Laband (Monument, Co.)/Molly Crockett (Colorado Springs, Co.)

Junior Girls' 14-under

1. Clarie Patten (Louisville, Co.)/Michaela Luna (Denver, Co.) 

2. Kelsey Foster/Whitney Van Voorst (Eagle, Co.) 

3. Kenzie Shippy/Dakotah Russ (Pueblo, Colorado)

Junior Boys' 18-under

1. Aaron Quintana/Ricardo Herrera (Avon, Colorado)

Junior Boys' 16-under

1. Alan Prater (Carbondale, Co.)/Brendon Wright (Gypsum, Co.)

Junior Boys' 14-under

1. Landon Hoagland (Mead, Colorado)


1. Cody & John Kessel (Colorado Springs, Co.) 

2. Mark & Jack Floria (Littleton, Co.) 

3. Hunter & Bill Noon (Greenwood Village, Colorado)

Father/Daughter 18-under

1. Heather & Mark Lozano (Fountain, Colorado) 

2. Wendy & Mark Kalkus (Littleton, Colorado) 

3. Krista Newcombe/Jennifer Holzhauer (Fountain, Colorado)

Father/Daughter 16-under

1. Lauren & Rodel Alejo (Monument, Colorado) 

2. Indigo & Bryan Miller (Colorado Springs, Colorado) 

3. Mackenzie & Rick Swan (Colorado Springs, Colorado)


2004 Finishers:

Mens' Seniors (45-over)

1. Kelly Esser/Greg Hall (Golden, Co.)
2. David Strawn (Denver, Co.)/Bill Noon (Greenwood Village, Co.)
3. Rocky Basile (Lakewood, Co.)/Dana Mills (Arvada, Co.)

Mens' Masters (35-over)

1. Matt Bergdahl (Aspen, Co.)/Rob Crawford (Eagle, Co.)
2. Renney Werner (Denver, Co.)/Dan Hamm (Evergreen, Co.)
3. Anthony Jenkins (Wichita, Ks.)/Vince Vandermey (Albuquerque, N.M.)

Mens' Open

1. Jamey Martin (Littleton, Co.)/Ryan Post (Denver, Co.)
2. Neil Rooney (Denver, Co.)/Shayne Harris (Castle Rock, Co.)
3. Dave Rohn/Scott Wright (Grand Junction, Co.)

Mens' A

1. Ryan Ammerman (Parker, Co.)/Drew Ginther (Colorado Springs, Co.)
2. Nico Pecori/Ed Marwitz (Breckenridge, Co.)
3. Sean Thorpe (Colorado Springs, Co.)/Matt Pisha (Lakewood, Co.)

Mens' BB

1. Eric Price/Daren McDonough (Colorado Springs, Co.)
2. Matt Jensen/Manny Padilla (Albuquerque, N.M.)
3. Brian Gerk (Lakewood, Co.)/Mark McCann (Northglenn, Co.)

Mens' B

1. Cary Green (Eagle, Co.)/Doug Merrell (Meeker, Co.)
2. Sean Bartosewcz (Boulder, Co.)/Blake Ginther (Colorado Springs, Co.)
3. David Turner/Andy Nelson (Louisville, Co.)

Womens' Open

1. Krista Swartzendrubber (Denver, Co.)/Angela Knopf (Troutdale, Or.)
2. Dawn Tischauser (Denver, Co.)/Val Durringer (Larkspur, Co.)
3. Ingrid Rooslid (Albuquerque, N.M.)/Tia Self (Brighton, Co.)

Womens' A

1. Brittany Ray/Dawn Ray (Colorado Springs, Co.)
2. Annie Hansen (Denver, Co.)/Ursula Diederichsen (Boulder, Co.)
3. Stephanie Rodriquez/Diane Wood (Albuquerque, N.M.)

Womens' BB

1. Carol Johnson (Pine, Co.)/Joelle Simmons (Denver, Co.)
2. Shudy Cundiff/Carol Lee Jefferson (Ignacio, Co.)
3. Keli McCabe (Grand Junction, Co.)/Desiree Roberts (Delta, Co.)

Co-Ed A

1. Luis Rejas (Bogota, Columbia)/Louise Free (Colorado Springs, Co.)
2. Chris Eide/Amy Klegway (Denver, Co.)
3. Ryan Himango/Chris Wujk (Denver, Co.)

Co-Ed BB

1. Art Prater/April Prater (Carbondale, Co.)
2. Kevin Bukacek/Jennifer Daesch (Littleton, Co.)
3. Masami Yoshimura (Denver, Co.)/Sheree Bruck (Black Forest, Co.)


1. Rdelle and Lauren Alejo (Colorado Springs, Co.)
2. Dave and Jennifer Youngblood (Littleton, Co.)
3. Sid and DeManda Souleret (Woodland Park, Co.)


1. Rob and John Crawford (Eagle, Co.)


1. Keri and Debbie Hjelm (Denver, Co.)

Junior Girls (18-under)

1. Aurora Santos (Frisco, Co.)/Crystin Rodrick (Edwards, Co.)
2. Tristin Lawrence/Ashley Weers (Littleton, Co.)
3. Whitney Donahue/Shannon Araya (Eagle, Co.)

Junior Girls (16-under)

1. Michelle Parmenter (Gypsum, Co.)/Ashley Fahrenholtz (Eagle, Co.)
2. Nicole Penwill/Sydney Nichols (Vail, Co.)
3. Kali Chestnut/Erica Pellard (Carbondale, Co.)

Junior Girls (14-under)

1. Britney Brown/Emily LyBarger (Edwards, Co.)
2. Lauren Janich/Lydia Gerber (Longmont, Co.)
3. Ryanne Wilson/Britney Beasley (Eagle, Co.)



Men’s Seniors (45-over)

  1. 1.      David Strawn /Bill Noon (Denver, Colorado)
  2. 2.      Tom Stillo/Dave Mear (Crested Butte, Colorado
  3. 3.      Monty McBride (Wolcott, Co.)/Kurt Batcheldar (Vail, Co.)


Men’s Masters (35-over)

  1. 1.      Rob Crawford (Eagle, Co.)/Joe Graham (Vail, Co.)
  2. 2.      Matt Bergdahl (Aspen, Co.)/Rich Majors (Denver, Co.)
  3. 3.      Gary Patton/Brian Richter (Denver, Colorado)


Men’s Open

  1. 1.      Ryan Post/Jamey Martin (Denver, Colorado)
  2. 2.      Dave Rohn/Scott Wright (Grand Junction, Colorado)
  3. 3.      Paige Harrington/Vince Robbins (Denver, Colorado)


Men’s A

  1. 1.      Chris Powers (Denver, Co.)/Paul Thayer (Fr. Collins, Co.)
  2. 2.      Cary Leppert (Golden, Co.)/Desi Vigil (Albuquerque, NM.)
  3. 3.      Patrick Kreyts (Boulder, Co.)/Kevin Williams (Denver, Co.)


Men’s BB

  1. 1.      Shane Thompson/Jake Paul (Denver, Colorado)
  2. 2.      Shane Stevens (Aurora, Co.)/Jim Henthorn (Centennial, Co.)
  3. 3.      Link Verstegen/Derrick Richardson (Denver, Colorado)


Men’s B

  1. 1.      Eli Caris/Scott Graves (Vail,Colorado)
  2. 2.      Kurt Jeffrey (Castle Rock, Co.)/George Valdez (Denver, Co.)
  3. 3.      Cody Burnett (McAllister, OK.)/Matt Powers (Denver, Co.)


Women’s Open

  1. 1.      Natalie Sime/Dawn Tischauser (Denver, Colorado)
  2. 2.      Val Durringer (Larkspur, Co.)/Gina Kirstein (Denver, Co.)
  3. 3.      Alicia Scott (Evergreen, Co.)/Tia Self (Broomfield, Co.)


Women’s A

  1. 1.      Meredith Johnson/Maria Marion (Albuquerque, NM)
  2. 2.      Stephanie Caretto/Jennifer Adkins (Vail, Colorado)
  3. 3.      Vicki Joyce/Jeanine Ressequie (Denver, Colorado)


Women’s BB

  1. 1.      Shannon Ruby (Littleton, Co.)/Ally Henthorn (Centennial, Co.)
  2. 2.      Michelle Sians/Kyong Lee (Colorado Springs, Colorado)
  3. 3.      Traci Br/Heather Lorince (Colorado Springs, Colorado)


Co-Ed A

  1. 1.      Carolyn thoene/Chip Connolly (Arvada, Co.)
  2. 2.      Deborah Ponis/Bryan Way (Arvada, Co.)


Co-Ed B

  1. 1.      Sonia Wilmot/David Wilmot (Littleton,Colorado)
  2. 2.      Valerie Olsen (Centennial, Co.)/Jason Godfrey (Denver, Co.)


Juniors (14-under)

  1. 1.      Cindy Nichols (Eagle, Co.)/Crystin Rodrick (Edwards, Co.)
  2. 2.      Sarah Brunson/Lizzie Cole (Greeley, Colorado)


Juniors (16-under)

  1. 1.      Cherie Carver/Leanna Lawson (Glenwood Springs, Colorado)
  2. 2.      Allyce Bebensee/Victoria Martinez (Thornton, Colorado)
  3. 3.      Candyce Rodrick/Casey Gilbert (Edwards, Colorado) 



  1. 1.      Terry Bannick/Jason Bannick (Denver, Colorado)
  2. 2.      Rob Crawford/John Crawford (Eagle, Colorado)
  3. 3.      Phil Powers/Stirling Powers (Denver, Colorado)



  1. 1.      John Archer/Annie Archer (Littleton, Colorado)
  2. 2.      Dale Tanda/Tanya Tanda (Lakewood, Colorado)
June 15 –16, 2002


It was a good weekend to celebrate an anniversary. Great weather. Good friends. And……….volleyball. Good volleyball. Beach volleyball. Doubles volleyball.
On Father’s Day weekend, Vail hosted the 30th Annual Vail King of the Mountain Open.And what a birthday it was. Besides some of the top teams in the Region playing in Santa Barbara, California at the AVP Qualifier, the rest were at the Men’s and Women’s Vail Open with 80+ teams playing on the grass, as well.
The Player’s Party at Garfinkle’s went well into the night and the prizes were great.
Men’s Open:                                                Women’s A
1. Curtis Griffin (Boulder, Co)                     1.Linda Hager (Denver, Co)
Kyle Schultz (Denver, Co.)                          Deja Trojan (Highlands Ranch, Co)
2. Scott Smith (Parker, Co.)                        2. Meredith Daily (Carbondale, Co)
Jamie Martin (Littleton, Co.)                        April Prater (Carbondale, Co)
3. Dave Rohn (Grand Junction, Co.)             3.Heidi Shelton (Denver, Co)
Scott Wright (Grand Junction, Co)                Janice Charles (Denver, Co)
Women’s Open:                                           Men’s BB
1. Terri McNair (Greeley, Co)                     1.Mark McCann (Northglenn, Co)
Aimee Sorenson (Littleton, Co)                    Brian Gerk (Lakewood, Co)
2.  Kris Bredehoft (Englewood, Co)            2.Chris Wiethoff (Glenwood Springs, Co)
Tanya Bond (Aurora, Co)                           A. J. Egli (Glenwood Springs, Co)
3. Lisa Groelz (Denver,Co)                         3.Link Verstegen (Denver, Co)
Sheila Palmer (Denver, Co)                        Derrick Richardson (Denver, Co)
Men’s A:                                                    Women’s BB
1. Chris Powers (Denver, Co)                    1.Lara Bossow (Vail, Co)
Mark Raffinan (Denver, Co)                       Tiffany Allan (Vail, Co)
2. Lucas Stang (Denver, Co)                      2.Wendy McCann (Northglenn, Co)
Tony Webber (Denver, Co)                       Beth Sokolowski (Highlands Ranch, Co)
3. Cary Leppert (Golden, Co)                    3.Michelle Glonn (Aurora, Co)
Desi Vigil (Albuquerque, New Mexico)       Carrie Glonn (Aurora, Co)
Co-Ed BB
1.Stephanie Caretto (Avon, Co)               
Warren Schick (Avon, Co)                       
2. Jay Pedde (Littleton, Co)
Kamela Schuster (Denver, Co)
3.Michelle Stefanon (Denver, Co)
Casey Carey (Denver, Co)

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